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Cylinder aplication S3CYL

  • Reference: REPS3-2

S3CYL (R) coating process called "nicasil" is a specific galvanic application for engine cylinder appeared ago thirty years, primarily on the rotary piston engine (Wankel type), during the 80's, became most popular than the traditional cast iron sleeves ...
The name "nicasil" or "nikasil" is the contraction of: NICKEL, SILICON CARBIDE ...
The covering layer of about 70 microns , it is composed of a matrix of NIKEL which acts as a lubricant and as a support for crystals SILICON CARBIDE, which make them especially hardness and works as "micro sponge" to keep the lubricant in permanance, which guaranteed the lubrication of the contact surface between piston, rings and cylinders.
This process is carried out in full in our production center of Girona (Spain), on all types of engine cylinder, 2-stroke, 4-stroke motorcycle and car (Porsche). The master of our spécialsts and requirements of extremely high quality that we set, guarantee our clients the Best results.