Miquel Gelabert


Miquel Gelabert realizes a magnificent final season, winning the European Trial Championship, smelling the podium in the TR1 Spanish Championship Trials and Entering in the worldwide top ten.

Great performances of Miquel Gelabert in the European Trial Championship, winning with a difference of 22 points respect to the second racer. And in the Spanish Championship Trials celebrated in Carnota (La Coruña), Miquel finalized in fifth position at only two points to the podium. And was the first Sherco in the top. This result, and the entry in the worldwide top ten, confirmed the great stage for this pilot and his solidification like a Pilot as one of the best in the world. It's important to emphasize that no Spanish pilot has winned the Championship of Europe from the year 2007 when Dani Gibert proclaimed champion.